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Unspoilt Dominica

Dominica, also known as the “Nature
Island of the Caribbean,” is renowned
for its abundance of natural
splendours, from 365 rivers to the
second largest boiling lake in the
world, subterranean volcanoes,
mountains, waterfalls, hot springs
and both black and white sand
beaches. One of the world’s last and
most unspoilt islands, Dominica
fosters complete immersion in the
healing powers of nature and allows
modern-day travelers to reap the
nourishing rewards of a lush,
sparsely-populated ecosystem.

The Land of
365 Rivers

History has it that when Christopher
Columbus – having been unable to
land his ships on Dominica — was
asked to describe the island upon his
return to Spain, he scrunched up a
piece of parchment in order to evoke
the undulating terrain of volcanoes,
valleys and mountains. This certainly
explains why, despite being one of the
largest islands in the Caribbean (754
sq. km), Dominica remains one of the
least populated (72,660) and is the only
island to have retained its indigenous
people: the Kalinago..

Sandy Bottom Swimwear

Secret Bay
Relais & Chateaux

Secret Bay is an intimate, world-
renowned boutique resort in Dominica,
nestled on a cliff where the rainforest
meets the Caribbean Sea. It's a Relais &
Châteaux property, offering secluded,
luxurious villas with private plunge pools,
dedicated hosts, and access to a private

Designed by architect Fruto Vivas, Secret
Bay's villas blend elegant design with
local craftsmanship, forming open-air
residences in harmony with nature. The
resort boasts sustainability, crafted from
eco-friendly materials while maintaining
a commitment to guest comfort and

The resort offers transformative activities
such as engaging with experienced
healers, exploring the vibrant rainforest,
or thrilling waterfall canyoning
adventures. Secret Bay ensures a stay
that's not just luxurious but also
enriching and transformative for its

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Sandy Bottom Swimwear

What to wear at
Secret Bay

Dominica is an unspoiled paradise,
much like the women who embrace
Sandy Bottom. Just like this remarkable
island, each of us possesses unique
natural beauty in our curves. Embrace
your inner sun goddess and stand out
like this exceptional place on earth.
Crafted in Italy, the Cruz Bikini features
fabrics that shimmer with hues
reminiscent of Dominica's vibrant
colors. Its adjustable triangle top and
flattering cut bottoms accentuate your
natural curves, allowing you to radiate
the uniqueness of the island itself when
adorned in the Cruz Bikini.

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