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The Spice of
the Caribbean

Inhale the sweet essence of nutmeg
carried by gentle breezes. Gaze upon
verdant hills adorned with vibrant 
bougainvillea and lush breadfruit
trees. Behold yet another
breathtaking sunset serenaded by
the soothing rhythm of waves. This is
Grenada, in all its untamed and
enchanting magnificence—awaiting
your exploration.


As the world’s biggest exporter of
nutmeg and mace, wild and beautiful
Grenada is known as the “Spice Island.”
But you’ll also find spice in the air, in
people’s attitudes, and in Grenada’s
very soul. That old adage about variety
could not be more fitting across this
three-island nation. And the lush
landscapes as well as the vibrant
colors and sweet aroma of tropical
fruits and blooms everywhere you turn
make falling in love with Grenada ever
so easy.

Sandy Bottom Swimwear

Silver Sands

Silver Sands is a fusion of sophistication and
comfort, blending natural elements like
marble and wood with calming shades of
cream and pine. Whether you're in designer
shoes or sandals, the ambiance feels both
upscale and relaxed.

The centrepiece of the property is the 100-
meter infinity pool, a breathtaking sight
upon entering the lobby and serving as the
focal point connecting rooms, villas, and the
beach. The renowned Grand Anse Beach
awaits at the pool's end, providing a
stunning backdrop.

Guests have diverse accommodation
options, from sea-view rooms to luxurious
villas with private pools, kitchens, and
generous living spaces, catering to varied

In essence, the hotel offers an enticing
blend of luxury, natural beauty, exquisite
dining, and top-tier wellness services,
ensuring an unforgettable stay in Grenada.

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Sandy Bottom Swimwear

What to wear at
Silver Sands

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Versatile and stylish, this piece effortlessly transitions from day to night. Wear it by the pool during the day, then pair it with a linen skirt and kitten heels for an elegant dinner outfit. It's the ideal swimsuit for those who seek to make a statement while embracing versatility and sophistication.

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