Why Would Anyone Waste Money on a Designer Swimsuit?

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Kas One Piece  |  Sandy Bottom Swimwear

Okay, let’s be real.


Why would anyone splurge on designer swimwear?


They’re pricey, right? Overhyped, eh?


A total waste of money? Or is there something we’re missing here?


I’m Sanya, Owner and Designer at Sandy Bottom Swimwear,


and I've got some tea to spill...

How Often Do You Really Wear a Swimsuit?

Seriously, how many times a year do you stunt in a bathing suit? 10, 20 times tops?


If you’re like me, far from the beach and pool-less, it's probably even less.


So why drop big bucks on something you barely wear?

The Problem with Cheap Swimsuits...

Swimsuit by H&M, looks cute only in pictures

Cheap Swimsuits Look Cute... Only in Pictures


Flashback to 17-year-old me.


I grabbed a polka dot bikini GIRL one-piece from H&M for like $25.


Looked cute on the hanger, but when I put it on?


Total disaster.


It wasn’t my body’s fault, though.


It was the suit; the material and the cuts... no good.

I Thought Losing Weight Would Help

Fast forward to 22.


I lost 40 lbs and was ready to slay in a swimsuit.


But no matter how much I slimmed down, cheap suits just didn’t fit right.


Bikini bottoms creeping up, constantly adjusting – super awkward.


I almost gave up on swimsuits entirely.

Lili One Piece Bathing Suit  |  Sandy Bottom Swimwear

I've even seen gals in shorts and tees at the pool 'cause they couldn't find a comfy swimsuit.


How crazy is that?

Lili One Piece Bathing Suit  |  Sandy Bottom Swimwear

So... is a Designer Swimsuit Worth It?

I used to think designer swimsuits were all about the label.


Like, how could they possibly be better?


So, I started my own venture to find out and that's when Sandy Bottom Swimwear was born!


And BOY was I shocked, I was absolutely wrong.



This Experienced Changed Everything...

One day, I went to Italy to find the right material and next thing you know Sandy Bottom was REAL!


The next day one client of mine, she had some insecurities, like most of us,


but when she tried on this stunning burnt orange swimsuit with glitter soft fabric? OMG.


It hugged her curves perfectly.


She looked and felt amazing. She actually THANKED me! 

Turks and Caicos '23  |  Sandy Bottom Swimwear

A Designer Swimsuit is SO Worth It

Then 2....4....15 customers started ordering. 


And girl, let me tell you – it was life-changing.


They said  " my chest looks fab " ...  "the cut accentuated my waist and the high-cut legs" ... " my husband proposed to me in my suit" ... "I've never felt this comfortable and confident in a suit!"


and my ultimate favorite; 


" My problem areas? Practically vanished."


From that day on, I knew i needed to spread the word; GIRLS ditched cheap swimsuits forever.


Its all worth it! 

Teya Bikini  |  Sandy Bottom Swimwear


Quality Over Quantity, Babe!

With swimsuits, quality is EVERYTHING.


You’re showing a lot of skin,


so you want it to look good, right?


One or two great swimsuit is better than a closet full of ill-fitting ones.


A good swimsuit means no more embarrassing adjustments or discomfort.


Just pure, confident vibes.

you and your body deserves the best

Everyone’s body is a bikini body,


but not every bikini deserves to be on your body.

Ibiza One Piece  |  Sandy Bottom Swimwear


Treat yourself to nice things.




Every woman deserves to love herself and look her best.


Body insecurity is real, and it affects our confidence.


But we are fabulous, and we deserve the best.


Even if you’re not ready today,


I hope one day you’ll try a designer swimsuit like Sandy Bottom.


It made a world of difference for me,


and it might just surprise you too.

Feel confident and Sexy on your next vacay!  🏖️

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Kas One Piece  |  Sandy Bottom Swimwear

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